Eugene Domestic Partnership Dissolution Lawyers

When a relationship dissolves, the process of ironing through the legal details can seem overwhelming. Harris Law Group, LLC, is committed to helping individuals who are facing legal challenges that involve divorce or dissolution of a domestic partnership. We have a comprehensive family law practice and are ready to help you overcome your legal issue.

Same-Sex Registered Domestic Partnership In Oregon

The state of Oregon recognizes civil unions between same-sex couples. Same-sex couples who meet statutory criteria can become "Registered Domestic Partners" and have the same state provided rights and responsibilities as a married couple. Our family lawyers frequently represent same-sex couples in the dissolution of their partnerships and are knowledgeable about the laws related to such relationships. We take a practical approach to representing our clients so we can meet their needs in the most effective and efficient manner.

Common Law Domestic Partnership Attorneys

Individuals who live together but are not married might qualify as common law domestic partners in Oregon. In many situations this involves couples who may or may not have children. If you and your common law domestic partner want to end your relationship, the process is different than a divorce or dissolution of a registered domestic partnership. Many of our clients in this area have questions about how property is divided, how custody is arranged and whether or not they are entitled to support. As an experienced team of Eugene domestic partnership dissolution attorneys, we will help explain the differences between divorce and the dissolution of a common law domestic partnership involving both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples.

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